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More than you wanted to read, I am sure...but hey, somebody's gotta do it. :)
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About Me
A resident of Southeast Texas for 40+ years, I graduated from Lamar University and West Brook HS. While at Lamar, I served as the Photo Editor for the University Press. And I met my wonderful wife, Aimee, at Cathedral in the Pines Church in 1989 and we have been together ever since. :)

I have been an avid photographer since high school (30 years ago) with my first SLR being a Nikon FG in 1986. I am primarily a photography teacher at West Brook HS here in Beaumont. The course I teach is a blend of old school film photography, digital photography, desktop publishing, graphic design, and video production. 2015-16 is my 19th year to teach (18th for photography), and 12th year at West Brook. I really like the blend of digital AND film photography with an opportunity for the students to work with both a real darkroom (with photo chemicals) and a digital "darkroom".

Outside of school, I photograph weddings and I assist others, mostly  teachers, with retirement planning. I shoot frequently for recreational fun, mostly nature, which means sunsets around here, and the occasional birding or camping trip. Several of the pictures on this page are from a few of our favorite trips, including Yellowstone and our favorite vacation venue, Caribbean Cruises.

And then of course there are the family and friends events. Taking pictures of all the kiddos birthdays, etc. can be a lot of fun, especially when the kids are so quick to ask to see their pictures just as soon as I have taken them. They have NO concept of a "film" camera...imagine that!

My big challenge is finding time to work with the great imagery that I have accumulated. The fact is that it is more fun to shoot than it is to work on the pictures on a computer in post processing. Having "shot digital" for well over a decade (I purchased a Nikon D100 in July 2002), I have more great shots than in the 20 years prior to shooting digital. And I have yet to return to some of the best hiking places with digital as of yet, like San Francisco and Big Bend National Parks, where I have some of my favorite 20x30 scenics framed and hanging in various offices, home, school, etc.

If you have a particular image you are looking for as a wall display, take a look at my Art Galleries ( or I would be glad to print and/or frame any of my work.

Thanks for visiting.

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